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Alisa Banks, Artist

A copy of Storm Sequence is now in the collection of the American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery (AAPG) Library of the Smithsonian Institute. The AAPG library is home to over 180,000 items relating to American art, history and biography. Storm Sequence is a shrine-shaped sculptural book that outlines the spirit of a protection ritual. Storm Sequence is an edition of 4 and is sold through Vamp and Tramp Booksellers. Additional information is below beginning with the last part of paragraph 3.

 Sgt. Carlis Calvin

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       A Soldier Without A Country tells the story of Sgt. Carlis Calvin's struggle to survive after he was given a dishonorable discharge by his captain, after he was accused of stealing approximately $3.00 worth of food from his mess hall.

     After he served several months in the stockade, he was stripped of his medals and uniform and was told not to come back on the post again. He endured hardships for forty-seven years. In 1996 President Bill Clinton restored his honorable discharge and his medals were returned.

 Lynda Baldwin Crooms

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